Another Contaminated Drinking Well

DOVER, NH - The city stopped using its most abundant source of drinking water after it found an increasing level of contaminates PFOA and PFOS inside in one of its drinking water wells.

City officials stressed drinking water wells were shut off well before it reached, and now exceeded, the EPA recommended advisory levels of safe drinking water.

Community Services Director John Storer said the aquifer has numerous monitoring wells, which he described as sentinels guarding the city's drinking water, which picked up on the migration of the contaminants of PFOA and PFOS. City officials and the consultants contracted to monitor the drinking water have been keeping watch on contaminant levels at the monitoring sites and in the drinking wells, Storer said.

Joyal noted the city discontinued the use of the Griffin Well in late 2015 and has not restarted the well after monitoring confirmed the presence of perfluorinated compounds: PFOA, PFOS and PFHpA. PFOA stands for perfluorooctanoic acid; PFOS stands for perfluorooctanesulfonic acid; and PFHpA stands for perfluoroheptanoic acid - all human-made chemicals.

Storer said a recently dug well, known as Dover Pudding Hill 1 in the Pudding Hill Aquifer, was shut off as a precautionary measure until hydrologists can confirm that using the well isn't sucking the plume towards it.