Since Trump took office, the EPA has declared all-out war on the water and air it's tasked with protecting.

Instead of hiring people who are going to protect America’s ecosystem, Trump is actually installing some of the EPA’s biggest antagonists who are dismantling the agency piece by piece.

The result will be unprecedented ecological disaster within the United States unless WE start doing something about it. The time is now. We need independent, accurate testing of America’s water supplies for a clear picture of the health of America’s most important natural resource.

Here’s why.

Trump’s first EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, resigned under a mountain of corruption scandals. At Trump’s urging, and before he was forced to resign, Pruitt was tasked with rolling back regulations that protect our water supplies, such as the Obama-era Clean Water Act (also known as the “Waters of the United States”) and the Stream Protection Rule, which prevented coal companies from dumping hazardous waste into streams and rivers.

In tests conducted in late 2017, one in three coal-fired power plants nationwide detected “statistically significant” amounts of contaminants — including toxic carcinogens like arsenic and radium — in the groundwater around their facilities.

Pruitt’s replacement, Andrew Wheeler, is a coal industry lobbyist, another corporate yes-man who has no problem polluting for profit. Doing away with common-sense water regulations risks poisoning clean drinking water for millions of Americans and polluting already-endangered ecosystems.

And they’re not done with their dirty work. The Trump administration is rewriting dozens of rules that govern pollution from oil and gas operations and coal ash dumps, moves that were designed to protect our water. At a time when America's water supply is so crucial for current and future generations, our waterways are being attacked by the EPA … not protected by it. And that’s not hyperbole.

Our Mission

America's current water testing standards are dangerous. Corporations continue to play fast and loose with American's health and the law, as report after report is released highlighting the dangers of previously-declared-safe chemicals that leach into our waterways.

The Clear Water Project aims to independently test the water supply in all America's cities, beginning with those most at risk, for all currently-recognized contaminants, even the ones the Federal EPA isn't acknowledging. Only when we have a clear picture of what America's drinking water looks like can we be poised to act.

Your valuable contribution will directly help us send out our first batch of test kits to communities like yours that may be under threat from toxic groundwater.